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Analog Sensing

Analog Sensing from Jim Toggweiler on Vimeo.

Light blinks faster in darker environments. Woopty Do.
Code is in the vimeo description.


Assignments..Dave Rocco

Analog sensing/ curiosity cabinet 

Mechanical (gears and levers)

HAL9000: Assignment4 AnalogSensing… and for fun.

I tried to recreate the HAL 9000 computer from 2001: A space odyssey. I intend to build the entire casing around it. I have the red LEDs fade in as the person gets closer to the rangefinder, as HALs lights would have. And then Processing code is telling my computer to play a HAL 9000 clip by sensing when the person has got close enough. As the person steps away, the LEDs fade out.

Assignment 4 Analog Sensing

The analog senser uses a light senser to tell the LED to blink, and the potentiometer determines the brightness of the LED.

Arduino Sketch: uh_oh

Erick Leininger – Analog Sensing

Arduino Sketch: assignment_4

Katherine Chin – Analog Sensor

This is a simple circuit to detect motion. When something passes over the light sensor, the lights turn on.

Rebecca Riggs-Analog Sensing

This system uses the light sensor to detect how bright it is in the room. If it is bright in the room, it turns the red LED on. If it is dark in the room, it turns the yellow LED on. The threshold of brightness is determined by the potentiometer.

Arduino Sketch: <a title=”Arduino Sketch: analog_sensing” href=”” target=”_blank”>analog_sensing</a>

Assignment #4 SJ Lee

I found a toy that has 6 LEDs connected to a motor and then I ripped apart to see the inside. I got LEDs out of there and connected to my Arduino with analog input code


I’m still not very comfortable with codes but I’m working on it.

Magic Trick Using Light Sensors

This is a demo of a basic light sensor circuit. In this example, I’m using 3 photoresistors concealed under a semi-transparent cloth. At the beginning of the trick a chalice covers each photoresistor. When a chalice is lifted, light activates the underlying sensor. The corresponding LED is lit up and the magician can identify the chalice.

Assignment4 Arduino Sketch: Magic Trick with Light Sensors

By Stacey Kuznetsov,
Starring Jen Marlow, Iris Howley, Stephen Oney

Nick Hagelin- Assignment 4 hppybbx video + code for analog sensing

the analog sensing isnt videoed here but its the last one listed in the arduino dropbox of this post and it wrks

Arduino Sketch: <a title=”Arduino Sketch: _1st_happy_box” href=”; target=”_blank”>_1st_happy_box</a>

Arduino Sketch: <a title=”Arduino Sketch: awaken_2″ href=”; target=”_blank”>awaken_2</a>

this is the problemmatic code

Arduino Sketch: <a title=”Arduino Sketch: awaken_box” href=”; target=”_blank”>awaken_box</a>

Arduino Sketch: <a title=”Arduino Sketch: SERVO_SENSOR_WORKS_but_has_potentiometer” href=”; target=”_blank”>SERVO_SENSOR_WORKS_but_has_potentiometer</a>