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Gabriela Uribe – Assignment 2

Blinking LEDs:

This assignment was not posted to the blog on time, but I had done the assignment the weekend it was due.  Below is the Arduino code for it:

/*Blinking LED
* turns on and off a light emitting diod(LED)

int ledPin = 13;                    //LED connected to digital pin 13
void setup()
     pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);        //sets the digital pin as output

void loop()
   digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);        //sets the LED on
   delay(1000);                       //waits for a second
   digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);         //sets the LED off
   delay(1000);                      //waits for a second


Charles Doomany- Assignment 2

*the code is located in the video description


Finally – an excus to play with Legos for a class!  I built up this little structure around my Arduino, which I programmed to randomly jump around between 4 different LED’s.

Arduino Sketch: _4_LEDs_blinking_3

test post

post test

Arduino Sketch: Button

George Carlin’s Favorite Motel Sign

This construct is inspired by this clip from George Carlin’s HBO special: You are all diseased, starting from 1:52.

Warning: extremely profane.

This project is a modification of the original LED tutorial/sample code. The supposed effect: Sleep-LED and F-ck-LED alternately lights up and turns off, with delays of one second, for 2 times. Sleep-LED waits for F-ck-LED to turn off at the final around of alternate light-up so that they are both off at the start of the simultaneous sequence. Simultaneous sequence lasts for 3 rounds of “on” and “off” of identical timing the LEDs then loop back to the start.

In order to control Sleep and F-ck seperately, I was forced to use two PINs. Also, in order to simplify the code I defined two functions (in addition to the fuction loop and setup), one for the alternate sequence, the other for the simultaneous sequence.

Blinking LEDs HW


This is my Blinking LED’s HW- 4 LED’s turn on sequentially and then turn off.

David Rocco (breathing plant)


Alex May – Assignment 2

Here is my Arduino, hooked up to 4 LEDs.

I programmed it to operate a variable number of LEDs, based on the first and last digital outputs I give it.  I was limited by the number of 200-ohm resistors I could find.

My code:

as a text file

as Arduino code

SeungJae Lee A-2

My Arduino thank you


my code : blink

I got more LED’s (Paris Lowitz A2)

I got some more LED’s and played around with them a little:

Here is the code: