George Carlin’s Favorite Motel Sign

This construct is inspired by this clip from George Carlin’s HBO special: You are all diseased, starting from 1:52.

Warning: extremely profane.

This project is a modification of the original LED tutorial/sample code. The supposed effect: Sleep-LED and F-ck-LED alternately lights up and turns off, with delays of one second, for 2 times. Sleep-LED waits for F-ck-LED to turn off at the final around of alternate light-up so that they are both off at the start of the simultaneous sequence. Simultaneous sequence lasts for 3 rounds of “on” and “off” of identical timing the LEDs then loop back to the start.

In order to control Sleep and F-ck seperately, I was forced to use two PINs. Also, in order to simplify the code I defined two functions (in addition to the fuction loop and setup), one for the alternate sequence, the other for the simultaneous sequence.

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