you will need
1x Arduino ( Duemilanove  or Diecimila)  ( buy 1, 2, 3, details)
or buy from: SparkFun, Maker Store, Adafruit Industries, Little Bird Electronics, Modern Device, FunGizmos, NKC Electronics, Gravitech, RepRap Store, RobotShop, Liquidware, Hacktronics
1x 9V regulated DC wall-power adapter (buy 2, details)
1x USB Cable – Standard A-B (buy, 1, 2)
1x breadboard (buy 1, 2)
should come to around: $46


1x  Arduino starter pack (buy)

total: $65.00

you may want
9V battery clip with 2.1mm plug (buy 1)

we will supply:
resistors ( 220ohm, 1k, 10k )
leds to get you started ( a few)
transistors (TIP120’s)
jumper wire (22 gauge)


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