Nick Hagelin- Assignment 4 hppybbx video + code for analog sensing

the analog sensing isnt videoed here but its the last one listed in the arduino dropbox of this post and it wrks

Arduino Sketch: <a title=”Arduino Sketch: _1st_happy_box” href=”; target=”_blank”>_1st_happy_box</a>

Arduino Sketch: <a title=”Arduino Sketch: awaken_2″ href=”; target=”_blank”>awaken_2</a>

this is the problemmatic code

Arduino Sketch: <a title=”Arduino Sketch: awaken_box” href=”; target=”_blank”>awaken_box</a>

Arduino Sketch: <a title=”Arduino Sketch: SERVO_SENSOR_WORKS_but_has_potentiometer” href=”; target=”_blank”>SERVO_SENSOR_WORKS_but_has_potentiometer</a>


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