Christine Lee’s Final Report: One-Quadrapus Band

Final Report

Pattern Print out v1.1

System Diagram

Processing Sketch, report version of the code : MusicSequencerv2_1

Processing Sketch, measuring frequency (unused code): BasicCode_SpeedAdjustment_TimeConstraint.pde

Processing Sketch, different resistors, same sounds (unused code): MusicSequencerv1_2.pde

Arduino Sketch, code to upload to Arduino: StandardFirmata

Documentation 082

This is a stuffed toy that plays sounds modified by the user, allowing the user to interact with a cuddly (but not too cute) animal by customizing its behavior, for kids who like to actually play with a cuddly stuffed animal. It simultaneously produces the user experience of creating music and establishes the creature as a character with distinctive behavioral traits.

Video Demonstration:


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