MTI Final Report

Here is my final (will be updated soon with better documentation) report, on the ADIDO Robot, or The Arduino Drawing Input Drawing Output Robot.

ADIDO is a drawing robot that provides an easy platform for making quick digital sketches realized in a physical format, with variable scale (could create room-scale drawings based on a small digital sketch) and a traditional medium (like marker). I created this robot out of a desire to create large scale drawings with the advantage of clearly robotic/digital input. For instance, I could create a simple drawing and have the robot draw it perfectly in a circular array or spiral, quickly creating complicated pictures that could not be made by hand. The ADIDO robot is capable of drawing on most surfaces, therefore is meant for artists who are interested in using repetition and pattern in their designs.

The ADIDO project includes a Processing App and an Arduino program which the robot executes. The Processing app provides a platform for the user to create a quick digital sketch and export instructions to the Arduino program. The Processing app is using trigonometry to calculate the distances and angles ADIDO must travel and turn to go from point to point.

Here is an image of the Processing interface.

The Arduino program reads the instructions output by the Processing app. It has two functions, drive() and turn(). The drive function has two forms depending on one or two variable instantiation, which allows the function to be recursive. (At the end of it’s instruction to ADIDO to drive some distance, it performs an error calculation and calls itself to correct the error). Using drive() and turn(), ADIDO goes from point to point and moves through your Processing sketch, while an arm in the robot holds a marker to the drawing surface.

Some images of the robot: 1 2 3 4 5 6.

Here are the Processing and Arduino files.

David Yen.


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