Final Project Progress – Kyle

Last Week


Last week I had built this crazy contraption with fans zip-tied to foamcore. The intention was that the fans and a bubble maker would react to one web cam tracking the presence and movement of the viewing audience. A second camera is watching the bubbles that are produced. All of this resulted in circles being projected onto the foamcore.

However, there were three major issues:

  1. It was a crazy-looking jumble of bits and pieces with the fans distracting from the projected visuals.
  2. A visual echo from the bubble camera seeing the projection.
  3. It was difficult for the audience to see how they’re actions impacted the apparatus.

Ultimately this all meant that it was ugly and no fun to interact with. So I’ve been working to change that.


So I built a box out of PVC pipe today. And it will contain all of the parts and be surrounded by cloth with the projector facing up from within. So that makes it look better. The system now works as a self-contained unit as well – triggered by sound instead of a second webcam. The chain of events is now: People make noise -> The bubble maker makes bubbles (inside the box) -> a camera (inside the box) sees the bubbles -> A drawing is produced based on the bubbles -> The drawing is projected onto the top of the box (from inside the box). Here’s a crappy picture of the box: 6099817jpg. I’ll try to bring stuff to class on Tuesday to demo, but my wife thinks it is more fun to interact with and the box makes it a self-contained unit which is much better than before.


1 comment so far

  1. Pete Wendel on

    I think of MS Surface when I see your second concept…Instead of a system responding to physical gestures you have a system responding to audible sounds. Makes me wonder if one could mash-up one of those speech recognition programs with kinetic typography to auto project intonations of spoken words and symbols…

    Hmm. How about a box that responds to smells instead of sounds? On second thought, scratch that one.

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