NIck Hagelin- moving slow

Well i got most the pieces for my project but im haveing a hard time putting them together/making them work/ everything. i have a breathalyzer which has no datasheet i can find.

its a replacement sensor on a small circuit board. the original product it was for is an Alcomate Prestige.

im thinking about buying a different sensor with more information readily available heres a link to the site

i dont know where to plug the wires to.

i just found some specifications.

Specifications Method of Measure Breath sample to BAC Range 0.00% to 0.40% Accuracy +/-0.01% up to 0.10% BAC

Sensor Oxide semiconductor Power Two 1.5V AA alkaline batteries (included)

Testing Capacity Approx. 200 with new batteries

DOT Approved YES Operating Temperature 10 – 40 degrees Celsius Warm Up Less than 1 minute

Display 3-Digit Decimal (.000) Size (mm) 125 (height) X 58 (width) X 41 (thickness)

Weight 117 g Sensor Modules Sensor modules should be replaced every 200 tests or at least once yearly (whichever comes first)

ALSO, I need help with the display of the readings taken from the sensor. ive got a couple Led 7 segment displys for the numbers the product code is man610A i dont know how to use these but the datasheet is there.

FINALLY, the display that i really want to use is a chincy led matrix belt buckle. it uses three buttons on debounce to program i want that to display the reading from the breathalyzer or maybe just a few simple phrases but again i cant find a datasheet and i dont know the first thing of getting it to do what i want. im bringing them all in tomorrow.

heres some alternates i think i may need to purchase but I will need help woking them.  === 2×16 amber lcd with backlight ==== alcohol gas sensor

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