Katherine – first working version

I’m making a wall of LEDs that respond to human behavior and can act as a dynamic surface between the public and private spaces. The final goal is to make it so that when there is no movement surrouding the wall, all the LEDs are on, and when someone walks across it, an image of the person’s body will map onto the wall, turning all the LEDs off, so that the person can look the hole in the wall that is the same shape as his body. 

Problems: 1. Figure out a way to connect lots of LEDS to one arduino when there are only 11 pins I can use. 2. Use a camera to locate movement so that the computer can talk to the arduino to tell certain LEDs to turn on or off.

So far, I’ve made a multiplexed LED matrix. Each row or column is controlled by one pin. The problem is that the largest matrix I can make it 6 by 6 = 36 lights. The wiring is pretty complicated, so I’ll need to spend a lot of time soldering wires together.

I took at stab at using processing to recognize movement and talking to the arduino. I did this by creating three trigger boxes (blue outline) on the screen and as an object passes over these boxes, the computer tells the arduino to turn the corresponding LED on. In later iterations, I will make a grid of trigger boxes that correspond to the grid of LEDS.


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