Links from my Aunty

“Learned gentlemen should build a goodly, huge cabinet, wherein whatsoever the hand of man by exquisite art or engine has made rare in stuff, form or motion; whatsoever singularity, chance, and the shuffle of things hath produced; whatsoever Nature has wrought in things that want life and may be kept; shall be sorted and included.”
~ Francis Bacon
Cosmology part a by Incognita Nom de Plume.
Beautiful Mechanical Prosthetic Arm by Curious Expeditions.
Aunties Wunderkammer group on flickr
THE MUSEUM of JURASSIC TECHNOLOGY — (museum as wunderkammern as repository of fictional histories and taxonomies)
Another art project — Zymoglyphic Museum – Curiosity Cabinet
Wunderkammer Shop — some good history as well as sells fabulous things

A Japanese Cabinet of Curiosities
Joseph Cornell — the box artist — The Joseph Cornell Study Center of the Ontological Museum

Curious Expetitions on curiosity caabinet —

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