Cheap Multitouch Surface + Ambient Display

This is my first attempt at a multitouch surface. I’m using the webcam-cardboard box approach, based on,-dirt-cheap-multitouch-pad/

A webcam is mounted inside the cardboard box with a piece of acrylic covered by construction paper on top. I’m using Tbeta ( to recognize touch events and tracking their location in Java. The display is partitioned into a grid to map gestures to LED’s. A touch event closer to the LED turns it on, and a touch event further away turns it off.

I am still having some problems separating shadows from actual touch events (and you can see this in parts of the demo when LED’s are activated under a person’s wrist even when the surface is not touched).

By Stacey Kuznetsov, HW5

Starring: Jen Marlow, Iris Howley


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