Switch, Pot, Photosensor

I ran into a few roadblocks doing this one, which is why I’m posting a little late. It turns out that it’s much more difficult that one might imagine to get Processing to read serial data properly. As a result, all this does is make an LED blink (I wanted to have a few blink seperately, but I ran out of wire). The switch turns the whole thing on and off, the pot speeds up the blinking, and the photosensor changes the pattern of the blinking.

I also decided that I was tired of trying to remember exactly how I had wired things in the past and needed a better record. Schematics are great and all, but not terribly communicative for beginners such as myself, so I made a chart I can use to record the way in which I wire things. I’m posting, so you all can use it to if you want to. breadboard-template

Anyway, heres the vid:

Here’s my code:

Arduino Sketch: Exercise_3

And here’s my filled in chart showing how I wired it:



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