Generative Musical Doormat and a Zipper Switch

Two things, my own project and a cool switch someone else made. I’ll start with the latter:

This person soldered a switch into a zipper and uses it to throw a litttle device embedded in her hoodie that turns off any tv in the vicinity.  The photo’s a link to a Craft Magazine post that even describes how to make your own!

And on to my own project.  I built a big pressure-plate switch using some hot glue, matte board, and a couple strips of springy metal.  I then hooked it up to the Arduino, which outputs serial data to a program called Max MSP, which reads the Arduino’s pin.  When the switch is thrown, an LED on the arduino turns off (it’s really just there for monitoring), and max generates some random MIDI data.  This MIDI data is then passed to another program called Ableton Live, which triggers different musical loops based on the incoming MIDI notes, creating some cheesy generative techno.

The C code is simply a mash up of the Arduino button example and another peice of code available on the Arduino site for hooking up your Arduino with Max MSP.  The Max patch that generates the MIDI data is a cutom build, however (a first for me).  Here’s the code and a video showing/explaining the whole thing:

Arduino Sketch: Arduino2Max_forPressurePlate


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